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Bea AquaLogic and ClearCase: Do they fit together?

Posted on: August 11, 2008

When I worked for one of my customers, I accomplished a new CM/ALM project in which one of the big problems was to integrate Bea AquaLogic and IBM Rational ClearCase UCM.

Bea AquaLogic BPM (aka Bea) is a set of design, development, and runtime modules for building business process management solutions. Actually, it’s a GUI dashboard of the developers, beside of other back-end dashboards like Eclipse.

ClearCase and Bea are integrated together, but while I was evaluating its integration, I’ve encountered the following issues:

  • The integration is of Bea with Base ClearCase but not ClearCase UCM.
  • Bea generates dozens (in fact – hundreds) of files during the compilation (“re-catalogoue”).
  • Bea generates a unique XML code which is not so familiar by ClearCase merge mechanism.

You can contact me for more information and  solutions.


4 Responses to "Bea AquaLogic and ClearCase: Do they fit together?"

Interesting mission indeed.
All BPM platforms (BEA, IBM, Oracle and others) have two major issues with SCM integrations –
1. Lots of generated files.
2. Project metadata – configuration files.

Generally speaking – generated files should not be part of the SCM while project metadata must.

Looking forward to hear your outcomes of this mission.


Take a look at Rational Asset Manager. It only generates one file which is the asset manifest file. This file is actually very useful because it allows you to do diffs between the different versions of the asset. I recommend you check it out.

It supports a variety of SCM systems including ClearCase Base, ClearCase UCM, Subversion, CVS, Rational Team Concert

It’s very interesting. We are using ClearCase base and tend to migrate into UCM. and Bea also. Can you post here your solutions?

Thanks. I need free time. I may write it in future. Meanwhile, you can ask me for solutions in a private message.

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