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Posted on: May 23, 2008

I have been asked many questions about this free utility, so I decided to collect the common questions into a FAQ document, and publish it in the next release. Meanwhile, I write here a brief FAQ:

Q: I’m using composite baselines. Does this utility support it?

A: Yes! You can filter the displayed components to display only rootless components. Then you have to choose the two composite baselines to compare.

Take into consideration that if you use this feature, you can enhance the output so it includes also the “sub-baselines” names.

Q: I’m using ClearCase-ClearQuest UCM enabled. Does this utility support it?

A: Yes! Since this utility displays the activity names, so if you integrate ClearCase and ClearQuest by using the activities, so you will see the activities names with the ClearQuest convention: <db><id> “<headline> . for example: prod00001234 “fix window bug”.

Of course, if you integrate ClearCase with some other bug-tracking system by using the activities as the integration point, so it can be useful also.

Q: My environments are running on UNIX\Linux platforms. Does this utility support it?

A: If you have cross-platform environment (Windows-UNIX\Linux), the answer is yes. Just run this utility, and it finds your PVOB, then you can do all the rest.

Q: On my daily working, I’m making baselines on both integration stream and development streams. Can I compare them?

A: Yes! When you specify the component, the utility automatically display all its baselines – including all streams!

Furthermore – if you have a component which shared on two projects or more, and you usually make baselines on them, you can compare the content of the projects!

If you use this option, you had better name the baselines with the stream name – it will be easier for you to find the baselines by the stream names.

Q: I’m making incremental baselines. Does this utility support it?

A: Yes! You can compare between full baselines and incremental baselines (but using incremental baselines is not recommended).

Q: Why is the utility expired at the end of month?

A: I would like to verify that you take the most updated release, which includes all new features and fixed bug. This is the easiest way to me to verify it till I make a mechanism for it (or till the release will not be Beta anymore).


1 Response to "CompBL FAQ"

Hi i am trying to set something up for my schema. I have a field called priority which the submitter must select to identify the level of importance the bug they are submitting. I have another field called fix due date which the submitter selects to identify when the bug needs to be fixed by. I want to tie these fields together and have it to when someone selects the level of importance the bug they are submitting the fix due date field will default to a specific date regading the level of importance. Example: the bugs priority level is selected as Severe, the fix due date will default to 4 days after the bug was submitted. How can this be done?

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